Venice: Expo Milano 2015

Develops all the activities that will qualify the direct and indirect participation in the Venice area at the international event of Milan Expo 2015 , based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the city of Venice with the City of Milan; acts to maintain the institutional relations with Milan and the national and regional institutions involved...

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Comitato Expo Venezia

The Venice Expo Committee, even after the closing of the Expo Shanghai, continues to maintain and develop institutional relations with China.
The experience, which did not close with Shanghai, because it has been considered as a first step towards the Milan Expo 2015, continues with the delegations, which more and more arrive in Venice, with the intent to forge friendship and economic relations with our city and with cultural..readmore








News & Events

REFLECTIVE LAND SC... 25 May 2015 - There are no translations available.La mostra sul paesaggio ...
INAUGURATO TOTEM ... 22 May 2015 - There are no translations available.Inaugurato a Palazzo Zor...
PARTE ISOLE IN RET... 15 May 2015 - There are no translations available.Il 16 e il 17 maggio tut...
EVENTO DI APERTURA... EVENTO DI APERTURA VENICETOEXPO 14 April 2015 - There are no translations available.
IL 25 APRILE SI IN... IL 25 APRILE SI INAUGURA 14 April 2015 - There are no translations available.




  • 2011 year of chinese culture in Italy
  • 2011 Venice participation in World Leisure Expo of Hangzhou, the second world exposition of Free Time
  • 2013 2013  Venice will be the second italian stage of the America's Cup World Series, propedeutic path  to the America’s Cup
  • 2015 Expo Milano-Italia

4 commitments, a unique project of internationalization of our beautiful and unique city, that for chinese people immagination  was initially only the combination of “Venice-Marco Polo” but now even for them, it has become the history of a cultural, economic, political relationship. The idea that supports all efforts and all of the commitments is exactly this: Venice”;door” through which all the excellences of the vast territory pass through, allowing the full recovery of the historic role of the city: international capital city  that uses its beauty to demonstrate its ability to be fragile and strong, ancient and modern, emblematic place of multiple relationships, the center of a strong economy of tradition and innovation in a broad area but recognizable only thanks to Venice. On this idea, the Committee is currently working in this year 2011 to strengthen relationships established with and during Shanghai, focusing on the water cities demanding relationships and, especially those who manifest ability and willingness to report on what will be the concrete theme of Venice,  protagonist of Milan-Italy, Expo 2015: WATER